Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Some quick pics from the Blacklight District Lounge show!!! and Taco Moto Tuesday...

Tacos are good for your soul!

A Lovely Sort of Death



Huge thanks to the Blacklight District Lounge for the hospitality!!!!
Your club rules!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tacos NEXT Tuesday and then a little LADYHUMP action...

March 20th 2018
Meet for Tacos at 7pm'ish
and then one block away...
 LIVE bands at 9pm

Ok, the times are pretty loose. You could show up for Tacos anytime from 7pm on, we'll probably be eating there for an hour or so before we make our way to the Blacklight District Lounge for the show. If everyone is done eating by 8pm, we could easily start the music sooner too. There's no absolutes, just an invitation to good times!

Ride directly to LA CONCHA at 2612 E. Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA.
Taco Moto Tuesday "style" meet up
There's plenty of moto parking at the restaurant (and that's hard to find around this area of Long Beach!), taco specials, beers, and plenty of seating we can arrange depended on how many people show up. 

After that, we'll have to travel one whole block to The Blacklight District Lounge 
2500 E. Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA.
21/over $5/cover, three bands A Lovely Sort of Death, Clown Sounds, and Lady Hump

Monday, February 26, 2018

So what did you do on MONDAY night ?

Live at Recess Ops secret location in SAN PEDRO, All Ages Show! Seriously, Mike Watt puts on a non-stop show. I took my two youngest teenage sons and told them to watch how the set is a seamless piece of music separated by the briefest of breaks, and sure enough, it was over an hour of pure joy!

Got a hungern' for more Mike Watt? HERE

Sunday, February 25, 2018

South Bay Skates 15th Year Anniversary PARTY!!!



Super Session


South Bay Skates Raffle

Spend a lazy Sunday watching punk rock in a parking lot near the house and couldn't have been happier! Great bands. South Bay Skates 15 year anniversary party! Got to see some old folk I haven't seen since high school (whuuut? and some of you know how old I am, so that's saying a LOT). Got to putt around on the scoot with a fresh new *used brake lever and couldn't have asked for more... Peace!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Blowout Sunday Show! at Harold's Place USA

Vinnie Vegas put together a all-day Sunday lineup at Harold's Place USA (San Pedro, CA.) featuring SKINTIGHT (see more below)

SLASHERS (from Brooklyn)

GRAVEDODGER (from San Francisco)

STERILE JETS (from Long Beach)

...and Elvorian and The Veins (from San Pedro)

...and on an semi-related topic; many people have asked me when Taco Moto Tuesday is coming back? The simple answer is, in about a month. So stay tuned fuckers!